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At Celtic Nations, WE LOVE TO TEACH! We offer a structured program of instruction for Bagpipe and Drum:


For the Great Highland Bagpipe

We have two tracks of teaching the beginners: one for the young beginner and one for the "not-so-young" beginner. This way you can receive the instruction most geared to your way of learning. We highly encourage and recommend individual instruction as you get started. Your teacher will take you from the most basic lessons through learning the band's selected tunes before you step "into the circle." For the experienced piper joining Celtic Nations, we have instruction on our interpretation of the music we play. In addition, we can offer extra instruction to polish or mend your skills.


For the Drum

We have highly skilled and experienced drum instructors. Pipe Bands use three types of drums: bass, tenor and snare. We will take you through the basics, improve your technique, precision and work on reading drum scores.


*One cautionary bit of advice, please do not purchase any bagpipe or drumming equipment before speaking with us. We would hate for you to purchase equipment that may not be up to standard.


Our Band Practice Ethic

The Goal of a Pipe Band is to sound like one Big Bagpipe. The "sound of the band" is our biggest focus, ALWAYS! We never veer from the basics to improve the overall sound of the band, especially since we have all skill levels present at most events. Through the traditional band chanter practice and the playing of the pipes "in the circle", we continually hammer away at the basics - tuning (and re-tuning) the chanter and drones, playing at a consistent tempo (assisted by a metronome), and executing the embellishments properly while emphasizing an overall musical performance.


Our Musical Philosophy

The music the Band chooses to play is carefully selected to assist all musicians to constantly learn, improve and be involved. Each season the Band decides which tunes to carry into the next year and have readily available for performances. Past selections may be used because of their appeal to the audience and the Band’s intended schedule. The Band ALWAYS adds a handful of new tunes, of various compositions, to keep Members learning. The music will be challenging but reasonable. The Band considers the playing level of all Members. By rotating the current tune selection, performances remain fresh and Band Members fulfilled by their own musical endeavors. As a group, the Band respects each others talent and challenges. Members work together to provide everyone - Members, and the audience - with a memorable performance. The Band’s philosophy is that feels the music needs to be enjoyed from both sides of the stage.

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